Mykonos is a small island in the Cyclades archipelago in the Aegean Sea. Granite shores, dry climate and the proud disposition of the locals make it difficult for tourists from other countries to learn it fully. But Mykonos is one of the most beautiful and desirable islands in Greece, with azure water, blinding white beaches and a rare quality of service: the best hotels, restaurants and entertainment in Greece are located here. Here, where the Greeks themselves have fun, where strangers do not go, where without a guide one cannot comprehend all the joys of local life.

We are Greeks. And for us there are no hidden places in Mykonos.
No passwords, nothing is impossible. We know which beach is breezy today and which is stormy. Which restaurant got the best catch of sardines. Where will celebrate the village fun holiday. And also in which hotel the best offer on the island is announced next weekend.

Many of us spent our childhood in Mykonos, climbing all the rocks, getting to know all the local elders and making best friends here. We know everything about Mykonos, and we can help you understand this island, understand how and what it lives on.

We will help you find the best villa or hotel that suits your needs. We will find you the perfect car - for serpentine and long trips along the coast. We will find you the smartest guide when you want to go to the mountains. We will introduce you to the most reliable diver when you want to dive with sea turtles. We will tell you where to buy a dress if you decide to go to a disco. We'll also give you a pass to the best parties on the coast. And also in the morning we will find you a yacht so that the rest after yesterday is maximum.

We are locals and we will gladly show you how our world works. Come!